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We at Trav Triv have developed an information-sharing platform aimed at helping communities of all sizes connect with travellers and newcomers journeying through their region.

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Reach the Traveller in the Planning Stage

Your virtual billboard ad will find the travellers who are planning a trip to your community, even if they haven’t yet left their home.

The app’s scroll feature allows travellers to search for unique attractions, points of interest, and activities prior to leaving their home.

This search awakens your virtual billboard and enables the traveller to discover your venue, as well.

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Virtual Billboard

Create a short video and connect it to our map, so that the traveller may access it regardless of where your business is located.

Place your message on a busy highway or on the sidewalk in front of your store.

Local Business Owners

Get your message to the traveller when it matters most — right when they roll into town.

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We haven’t forgotten you.

Scroll or search right from the comfort of home to find the stories that interest you.

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We are the storytellers of the Trav Triv Universe, sharing our knowledge and experiences for the world to enjoy.

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Create a short video and connect it to our map. Regardless of where you are, the traveller will be able to access and view your video. Place your message on a busy highway or the sidewalk near your business. Get your business across to the traveller right when it matters most — right when they arrive in town.