Try this two-minute test and experience your community as a tourist.

Imagine driving into your hometown, relying solely on Google Maps for information. Open the app and ask yourself:

What’s missing?

Think about your community’s unique aspects—culture, history, landmarks, folklore. Did you find them?  

You might say,

“That’s on our town tourism website.

So, let’s google for your website. Remember travellers will not know the exact URL so they will search for a town name, not likely for a regional tourism site.

What do you see first? Sponsored ads! Not your website.

Let’s assume the traveller continues past the sponsored ads what do you find next.

It may easily be your town website but may not be your community tourism website.

By now you should be getting a good look at the visitor experience.

Are you happy with what you see?

Let’s continue to your tourism site.  Make sure you are on a smartphone, almost all travellers are using their smartphones.

Most tourism websites don’t mimic Google Maps, does yours?

Today’s travelers are impatient and are drawn to familiar application formats.

Let’s continue, consider the Visitor Center.

If you’re in town for a day, do you visit the Visitor Center?

Likely not. Visitor centres cater to committed travelers but do little to spark spontaneous exploration by the average traveller.

Next, Let’s assume you want to go dancing tonight, can you find live music venues, remember you’re a traveller and are not a member of community calendars on social media.

How easy was that?

or could you even find that information.

Now you’re in town for an event or a conference?

How much information is being provided about the community or are event attendees left to search for it. 92% of travellers admit to being spontaneous while travelling, what are you doing the spark that adventurous impulse in your guests.

One last question: In an unfamiliar town, if you see window stickers, postcards, branded with QR codes inviting you to explore, do you scan the code and download the app? Many Travellers will.

How did you do.

We at Trav Triv address all the above issues and more. You can easily convert the information on your website into a user-friendly app functioning similar to Google Maps, allowing you to, Tell your story your way, highlighting the local treasures that will send your visitors home with a story to tell.