The app

We enable local story tellers and travellers to tell a short story about their home community or their travelling experience then connect that story to our map where they want the story to be heard.


As a user approaches that location the story can be played. Our map automatically brands itself to the town a user is in. For example, if a user enters Banff our map displays Explore Banff, giving the app a hometown, feel. 

Solving an age-old problem

We are providing small business owners a solution to an age-old problem; how do you affordably get noticed by travellers before they just pass you by. 



Our event and notification features are specifically designed to make it quick and easy to reach your regular customers to inform them of new inventory or simply tell them of the band playing this weekend. 

Message from the CEO

My name is Robert Frost, and I am the CEO and founder of Trav Triv, I have spent many years of my life in the hospitality and entertainment industry as an owner of a guest ranch and live wild west show producer.


I am very familiar with the challenges of marketing as a small business, and I personally designed this program to be a very useful and affordable target marketing tool.

The program is simple.

Trav Triv is an app built for the adventurous at heart and the inquisitive travelers looking for that all important unforgettable experience.

Every community has a tale to tell and a storyteller to tell it.

Until now no app has focused on helping the community share their stories. 

Travelers of today want to hear from the locals and discover much more than just the 

trendy tourism sites. That’s where we come in.

Your virtual billboard ads will appear on the app along with local stories and travel tips, as travelers use the app to discover those hard to find attractions in your area, there is no better place for your to promote your venue. 


Attractions and stories within a one-hour drive, are promoted

Your ad will be blended into the stories and can be found from anywhere

Make it personal

Your promotion can be in the form of a short video, image and write-up or image and audio recording. Remember make it interesting, tell us something unique about your business, why are you a proud business owner in your community, what is your inspiration, family business, or your own creation, remember our users are looking for that all important personal connection and memorable experiences, you and your story is your best marketing tool.

The window sticker program

We will provide you with a window sticker encouraging your customers to download the free app.   This window sticker will include a referral QR code when a customer scans that code you are credited with the referral.  This serves two purposes, first after 50 customers use your QR code you will be invited to share in the promoters-pool creating a small monthly income for you.  Secondly any customer that used your QR code will be notified via push notification when you update your ad or send out a notification about a special deal, or event you are hosting.

The value of the push notification

Without question your clients will search for you on Facebook events etc. but think of it this way. When you are exiting a big box store, they make you walk through isles filled with knick-knack’s, even though you already decided what you are buying, this is to remind you that you may have forgotten something. 


The push notification does that for you. Your event or new inventory may not be on the top of your customers mind therefore, they may not search for you on other platforms, but you can remind them of your specials or events, with cleverly crafted notifications posted exactly when you want to contact your loyal customers. This will take you 5 mins or less to create and post.



The push notification gets your customers attention

Your message can give them the details

The most effective and affordable promotions are partnerships, bringing like-minded people together with a common goal, educate, entertain, and inform community members and travellers alike. We are the vehicle you are the driver, lets, have an adventure together, tell the world what you have to offer.

Next steps

Download the free app, register as a business this does not obligate you to anything.  Try the app out. Contact our Trav Triv Team to see if we have any special offers on memberships. Then visit subscriptions page on this site. 

contact for info on specials.