FINALLY, AN APP TO CALL YOUR OWN.​ “Have you ever wished your community had an app to highlight the unique features of your region? Now you do. “

“This International App will appear like it is your app while travelers and locals are in your area”.
Local Tourism Organizations

Make the app an essential tool for your community

Every community has a tale to tell and a storyteller to tell it.


Until now no app has focused on helping the community share their stories.


 Travelers of today want to find much more than just the trendy tourism sites. With 70% of today’s travelers wanting to learn something new on their holiday, and over 50% will be booking activities after they have arrived in your area.  Trav Triv can be a perfect fit for your community.  We can help you draw the attention of travelers nearby and international travelers looking for a personal unique one-of-a-kind experience.


Trav Triv is an app built for the adventurous at heart and the inquisitive travelers looking for that all important unforgettable experience.


 Never doubt the power of a good story

The map brands itself to the community a user is in.

Make sure your community stories are on the map.

Stories and business ads within
50 miles / 100 Kms.
are highlighted and are filtered closest to farthest away.

Local storytellers and travelers can easily upload stories
of regional significance

Small business can use the
virtual billboard to draw attention to their venue while people are close by.

Small business can stay connected with their regular customers using the events and notifications feature.

Join the Trav Triv Team

Are you looking for the best way to explore your city or a new one? With Trav Triv, you can discover hidden gems and unique experiences near you! Whether you're a local or visiting from abroad, our app combines international and local travel information to provide users with the most comprehensive experience. Our easy-to-use platform allows travelers to plan their perfect trip - no matter the destination.

The adventure awaits

Join us as we build this amazing travel journey

Your stories are important to us


Give your community a voice on our international stage

  • As our members scroll through the stories on the app your stories can be seen from anywhere.
  • Our members can find you by searching for your town or city.
  • And of course, as they get close to your community your stories and virtual billboards are highlighted on our app.

Many communities have been passed by with the construction of freeways and bypasses, but your stories will show up as the traveller is headed past your town even if they are on the highway up to 50 miles away. Give them a reason to slow down and turn off the freeway.