Fundraiser for Youth Groups

A Unique Fundraiser for High School Students and Youth Groups


This fun, interactive, and educational experience is designed to encourage youth to engage in their community while helping them develop life skills like communication, video production, research, and development, as well as perfect the art of storytelling.

Simply Register Your Group

  • Download the free app
  • Select “create account”
  • Upload all stories by your group to this account

You earn by creating content and inviting users to our travel app.

Once you have uploaded at least 10 stories or have invited 50 users, you will be invited to share in the promoters pool and or the content creators pool.

Research and Development

  • Chat with parents, grandparents, and long-time residents of the community
    • Document the interesting stories that are uncovered
    • Check out the local museum, create stories about the life of your community’s
    • Look around the community through the eyes of a traveller. Consider what they might wonder about? Create a story about this topic. Connect that story to our map at the geo-location of that point of interest.

Production and Storytelling

The more stories you create and upload to our app, the more your group will earn.

Visit: Join Our Team – Trav Triv for more details on compensation.

Stories should be short and of interest to a traveller entering your community. Travellers may be looking at a landmark or point of interest while simultaneously viewing your story. Users of the app will also find your stories by scrolling through the story directory on the app.

The youth of today are the storytellers on social media, and they are creating amazing content.

  • Create engaging stories about the community, including clips of the storyteller who told you the narrative and add videos or photos of the story subject. This will be left up to your creative vision.


The more users your group invites, the more you earn.

Invite by:

  • Using the “Invite a Friend” button in the app
  • Using your social media and inviting friends through your referral code. This will allow them to earn a welcome gift
  • Poster Program
    • We will send you a jpg. file of a poster, which includes a QR code crediting your group as the inviting party. You are free to make as many copies as you would like. Approach local filling stations, restaurants, and other high-traffic local businesses
    • Please be respectful to the business owner and do not put up a poster without permission

We will include a short, downloadable video for you to play for the business owners so that they
understand the app and our Youth Fundraiser Program.

Spread the Word

You will receive a $20 referral bonus when a youth group that used your invitation code
at registration time reaches compensation eligible level. So invite as many school
groups and youth groups as you can. Include a copy of this letter for them, as well as
your referral code.

Invite a Local Business

Once you have developed content in your community, contact us about getting a Sales’
Team discount code. You may then approach the local businesses and offer them a
chance to gain attention from our international audience.

Let them know that if they use your discount code, they will receive a better deal and your organization will receive a bonus.

Message from the CEO, Robert Frost:

“Welcome everyone, please download the free app and check it out. If you understand our community-minded goals, please join us as we endeavor to build the world’s largest travel journal, filled with travel stories and tales of local importance.

We are a new app, and I cannot make you any promises as to how much your group will make out of this fundraiser, as that will greatly depend on whether users enjoy the content in the app. However, the income continues to pay for the lifetime of the app, so it has the potential to accumulate over the years as we grow.

The project also has ambitions beyond acting as a fundraiser. We hope to encourage youth
involvement in the community, promote cultural awareness, acceptance, and help every community gain an international audience. Most of all, it should be a fun, educational experience for the multi-talented youth of today.”