The Trav Triv Professional Writers and Promoters Program


This is a Trailblazers Program offer. It is designed to support the early adopters who believe in our goals and wish to help our community grow.


All Trailblazer programs can end at any time, without warning. However, as this is a Lifetime membership, you will be compensated under the terms of the agreement below. 


The resulting income to our company is shared with our professional team. 






Professional storytellers and Content Builders 


To enter, you must have uploaded at least 10 stories or trivia

game content that is live on the app. Stories and content that

are disallowed by our verification and quality control team will

not be counted.  


Compensation is based on the total amount of income generated

by all content material that is added by the pool of professional

storytellers and trivia game content builders. A percentage of that

income is divided equitably between all eligible content creators.

One story is equal to one trivia game. As such, the more stories or

content that a member has uploaded, the more they will earn.  



Professional storytellers and Content Builders Formula: 


The total pool encompasses 25% of the income derived from the banner ads connected to the stories uploaded by the professional storyteller and content builder’s team. The sum of this amount accounts for an entire production month.


Total pool  


Total number views of all stories uploaded by this collective 


Value per view 


Total number of views a storyteller receives on all their stories and content 

monthly income per team member. 



Professional Promoters 


Eligibility: 50 users have used your invitation code. 


You can easily invite friends using our “Invite a Friend”

button in the app, or you can copy and paste your

invitation code onto your social media feed. By doing so,

you will promote how your guests will receive Trav Bucks

when they use your code. In regards to small businesses,

your QR code is available on your window sticker. 


This profit-sharing program is designed to compensate social

media influencers, small business owners, and individuals who

help bring users to our app. 





The total promoters pool is derived from the income generated from banner ads connected to all the stories uploaded to the app. This amount accounts for the entire production month, times 15%. This amount creates the Total Promoters’ Pool. 


Total Promoters Pool 


 Total number of users for production month 


Average payout per user 

Number of users invited by promoter 


Coming Soon 


Invite a Local Business 


You use the “Invite a Business” button in the app directory

to send the business an email on your behalf. This email is

generated by our team and will invite the business to use your

invitation code to receive a discount and promote their business

on our app. From there, our sales team will look after the

subsequent details.   


You will receive a 10% referral bonus on the first purchase that the

invited businesses make on our app. For example, if the business

purchases an annual membership of $200, you will receive a $20 bonus.





You will need to register for our payment system provided by Tipalti. Feel free to research this company if you have any questions or concerns in relation to connecting your payment information.  


After you have connected your payment information, your payments will be transferred to you once the amount owed to you reaches $40. You are responsible for covering the transfer costs, which may amount to a small sum. Once we send your payment information to Tipalti, you will receive your transfer payments within a few business days.