Trailblazers’ Partnership Program 

This Lifetime Membership is a limited time offer and may end without notice at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at

Available Packages:

One Virtual Billboard & three events & notifications posts at any one time, easily provide reservations and booking, directions and more all on the app

  • Lifetime Membership with a one-time fee
  • Change your billboard location as often as you would like
  • Change your message as often as you would like

One Virtual Billboard

  • No contract
  • Able to cancel at anytime

As a Trailblazer, this price is guaranteed to never go up, provided you do not cancel the plan. As a Trailblazer, you can enjoy this extremely affordable rate without being concerned that our rates will rise as our usership grows.

Trav Triv is an information-sharing app that allows travellers and local residents to tell a short story about their community and travelling experiences. These stories are subsequently connected to our virtual map, enabling travellers around the world to hear their message. As a small business owner, the Trailblazers Partnership Program is designed specifically for you, allowing you to reach travellers when it matters most — right when they arrive in town.

Features of our Trailblazer Lifetime Membership

  • 1 virtual billboard story/ad
  • Automatic enrollment in our Profit Sharing Program for Small Businesses
  • Earn a monthly income by simply posting our Window Sticker

Reach Our International Travelling Community

  • As they scroll through the app
  • As they search for attractions in your area
  • As they drive into your area


Virtual Billboard

Your virtual billboard can be a(n)

  • Short video
  • Image and voice recording
  • Image and written rendition
  • Any combination of the listed options.

The number of stories established on the app will initially start off low and progressively grow to higher volumes. As such, you will have a high exposure to our membership through the ratio of stories and app users. Furthermore, given every member shares a communal interest in travelling, this app will serve as a very powerful target-marketing tool.

Increase Your Views 

Our membership is looking for interesting stories about your community, so remember to include unique facts about your region as you create your virtual billboard and promote your venue.  Our membership can rate the stories and experiences, and you will receive a higher rating as you provide more valuable information to our membership. The high rating will consequently attract more attention and increase the appeal of your promotion.

Profit Sharing Program for Small Businesses

Your business can share in our Professional Promoters Pool without any cost or extra work. Please also remember that the app is free to everyone.

As a Trailblazer, we will include one window sticker with your membership. This window sticker has a QR code embedded on it which is unique to your venue. Anyone who uses your QR Code to download our app is encouraged to use your referral code. This will allow them to receive a welcome gift from us.

The more members that use your QR code, the larger your share of the Professional Promoters’ Pool becomes.

We invite your businesses to allocate the funds raised through the window sticker’s promotion to support various, local youth groups. By doing so, the youth groups will gain more opportunities and beneficial prospects for their members, while your business will benefit through the corresponding public relationship. As added incentive, this promotional value in the community for your business will be greater than the overall value of the income generated by the window sticker.

Professional Promoters 

Eligibility: 50 users have used your invitation code. You can easily invite friends using our “Invite a Friend” button on the app, or you can copy and paste your invitation code onto your social media feed. This invitation will also allow you to promote how guests will receive Trav Bucks when they use your code. In regards to small businesses, your QR code is available on your window sticker. This profit-sharing program is designed to compensate social media influencers, small business owners, and individuals who help bring users to our app.


Total Promoters’ Pool is derived from the income generated by banner ads, which are connected to all the stories uploaded to the app for the production month. This amount, times 15%, accounts for the Total Promoters’ Pool.


Total Promoters’ Pool   ÷  Total number of users for production month  =  Average payout per user X  Number of users invited by the promoter